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Alle dokumenteredeListe med links til alle Core og Bundled funktioner (godt 5000), der er "dokumenterede" i PHP-manualen.x
AlleGrupperet emnespecifik liste med links til funktioner i PHP-manualen. Hovedopdelingen er Core, Bundled, External og PECL (De to sidste ikke beskrevet i PHP-manualen). Underopdelingen er f.eks: Array og Date/Time.x
Audio Formats Manipulation
ID3 TagsFunktioner til håndtering af titel-tekster i MP3-filer.
These functions let you read and manipulate ID3 tags. ID3 tags are used in MP3 files to store title of the song, as well as information about the artist, album, genre, year and track number.
KTaglibKTaglib is an object oriented binding to the taglib library from the KDE project used in projects like Amarok to read and write ID3 and Ogg tags. The library also provides access to audio information. The bindings are designed usually follow the underlying C++ API, but were changed whenever there is a more PHP-like way.x
OGG/VorbisThe OGG/Vorbis file format, as defined by » http://www.vorbis.com/, is a scheme for compressing audio streams by multiple factors with a minimum of quality loss. This extension adds Ogg Vorbis support to PHP's URL Wrappers. When used in read mode, compressed OGG/Vorbis data is expanded to raw PCM audio in one of six PCM encoding formats listed below.x
OpenAL Audio BindingsPlatform independent audio bindings. Requires the » OpenAL library.x
Authentication Services
Kerberos VThese package allows you to access Kerberos V administration servers. You can create, modify, and delete Kerberos V principals and policies.x
RadiusThis package is based on the libradius (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) of FreeBSD. It allows clients to perform authentication and accounting by means of network requests to remote servers.x
Date and Time Related Extensions
CalendarThe calendar extension presents a series of functions to simplify converting between different calendar formats. The intermediary or standard it is based on is the Julian Day Count. The Julian Day Count is a count of days starting from January 1st, 4713 B.C. To convert between calendar systems, you must first convert to Julian Day Count, then to the calendar system of your choice. Julian Day Count is very different from the Julian Calendar! For more information on Julian Day Count, visit » http://www.hermetic.ch/cal_stud/jdn.htm. For more information on calendar systems visit » http://www.fourmilab.ch/documents/calendar/. Excerpts from this page are included in these instructions, and are in quotes.x
Date and TimeThese functions allow you to get the date and time from the server where your PHP scripts are running. You can use these functions to format the date and time in many different ways.x
Command Line Specific Extensions
Ncurses Terminal Screen Controlncurses (new curses) is a free software emulation of curses in System V Rel 4.0 (and above). It uses terminfo format, supports pads, colors, multiple highlights, form characters and function key mapping. Because of the interactive nature of this library, it will be of little use for writing Web applications, but may be useful when writing scripts meant using PHP from the command line.x
NewtThis is a PHP language extension for RedHat Newt library, a terminal-based window and widget library for writing applications with user friendly interface. Once this extension is enabled in PHP it will provide the use of Newt widgets, such as windows, buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons, labels, editboxes, scrolls, textareas, scales, etc. Use of this extension if very similar to the original Newt API of C programming language.x
GNU ReadlineThe readline functions implement an interface to the GNU Readline library. These are functions that provide editable command lines. An example being the way Bash allows you to use the arrow keys to insert characters or scroll through command history. Because of the interactive nature of this library, it will be of little use for writing Web applications, but may be useful when writing scripts used from a command line.x
Compression and Archive Extensions
Bzip2bz2+The bzip2 functions are used to transparently read and write bzip2 (.bz2) compressed files.x
LZFLZF is a very fast compression algorithm, ideal for saving space with only slight speed cost. It can be optimized for speed or space at the time of compilation. This extension is using » liblzf library by Marc Lehmann for its operations.x
PharThe phar extension provides a way to put entire PHP applications into a single file called a "phar" (PHP Archive) for easy distribution and installation. In addition to providing this service, the phar extension also provides a file-format abstraction method for creating and manipulating tar and zip files through the PharData class, much as PDO provides a unified interface for accessing different databases. Unlike PDO, which cannot convert between different databases, Phar also can convert between tar, zip and phar file formats with a single line of code. see Phar::convertToExecutable() for one example.x
Rar ArchivingRar is a powerful and effective archiver created by Eugene Roshal. This extension gives you possibility to read Rar archives but doesn't support writing Rar archives, because this is not supported by the UnRar library and is directly prohibited by its license.x
ZipThis extension enables you to transparently read or write ZIP compressed archives and the files inside them.x
Zlib CompressionThis module enables you to transparently read and write gzip (.gz) compressed files, through versions of most of the filesystem functions which work with gzip-compressed files (and uncompressed files, too, but not with sockets).x
Credit Card Processing
MCVE (Monetra) PaymentThese functions interface the MCVE (Monetra) API (libmonetra, formerly known as libmcve), allowing you to work directly with MCVE/Monetra from your PHP scripts. MCVE/Monetra is Main Street Softworks' solution to direct credit/debit/gift card processing for Linux/Unix/MacOSX/Windows ( » http://www.mainstreetsoftworks.com/ ). It lets you directly address the credit card clearing houses via your *nix box, modem and/or internet connection (bypassing the need for an additional service such as Authorize.Net or Pay Flow Pro). Using the MCVE/Monetra module for PHP, you can process credit cards directly through MCVE/Monetra via your PHP scripts. The following references will outline the process.x
SPPLUS Payment SystemThis extension gives you the possibility to use the » SPPLUS Payment System of the Caisse d'Epargne (a French Bank).x
Cryptography Extensions
CracklibThese functions allow you to use the CrackLib library to test the 'strength' of a password. The 'strength' of a password is tested by that checks length, use of upper and lower case and checked against the specified CrackLib dictionary. CrackLib will also give helpful diagnostic messages that will help 'strengthen' the password.x
HASH Message Digest FrameworkMessage Digest (hash) engine. Allows direct or incremental processing of arbitrary length messages using a variety of hashing algorithms.x
McryptThis is an interface to the mcrypt library, which supports a wide variety of block algorithms such as DES, TripleDES, Blowfish (default), 3-WAY, SAFER-SK64, SAFER-SK128, TWOFISH, TEA, RC2 and GOST in CBC, OFB, CFB and ECB cipher modes. Additionally, it supports RC6 and IDEA which are considered "non-free". CFB/OFB are 8bit by default.x
MhashThese functions are intended to work with » mhash. Mhash can be used to create checksums, message digests, message authentication codes, and more.x
OpenSSLopenssl+This module uses the functions of » OpenSSL for generation and verification of signatures and for sealing (encrypting) and opening (decrypting) data. OpenSSL offers many features that this module currently doesn't support. Some of these may be added in the future.x
Password HashingThe password hashing API provides an easy to use wrapper around crypt() to make it easy to create and manage passwords in a secure manner.x
Database Extensions
Abstraction Layersx
Vendor Specific Database Extensionsx
File System Related Extensions
Direct IOPHP supports the direct io functions as described in the Posix Standard (Section 6) for performing I/O functions at a lower level than the C-Language stream I/O functions ( fopen(), fread(),..). The use of the DIO functions should be considered only when direct control of a device is needed. In all other cases, the standard filesystem functions are more than adequate.x
File Informationfiliinfo-The functions in this module try to guess the content type and encoding of a file by looking for certain magic byte sequences at specific positions within the file. While this is not a bullet proof approach the heuristics used do a very good job.x
FilesystemNo external libraries are needed to build this extension, but if you want PHP to support LFS (large files) on Linux, then you need to have a recent glibc and you need compile PHP with the following compiler flags: -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64.x
InotifyThe inotify extension exposes the inotify functions inotify_init(), inotify_add_watch() and inotify_rm_watch().x
MimetypeDeprecated. See PECL: Fileinfox
ProctitleThis extension allows changing the current process', and thread, name on Linux and *BSD systems. This is useful when using pcntl_fork() to identify running processes in process list.x
xattrThe xattr extension allows for the manipulation of extended attributes on a filesystem.x
xdiffxdiff extension enables you to create and apply patch files containing differences between different revisions of files.x
Human Language and Character Encoding Support
Enchant spelling libraryEnchant is the PHP binding for the » Enchant library. Enchant steps in to provide uniformity and conformity on top of all spelling libraries, and implement certain features that may be lacking in any individual provider library. Everything should "just work" for any and every definition of "just working."x
FriBiDiFriBiDi is a free implementation of the » Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.x
Determine gender of firstnames>Gender PHP extension is a port of the gender.c program originally written by Joerg Michael. The main purpose is to find out the gender of firstnames. The current database contains >40000 firstnames from 54 countries.x
Gettextgettext+The gettext functions implement an NLS (Native Language Support) API which can be used to internationalize your PHP applications. Please see the gettext documentation for your system for a thorough explanation of these functions or view the docs at » http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/gettext.html.x
iconvThis module contains an interface to iconv character set conversion facility. With this module, you can turn a string represented by a local character set into the one represented by another character set, which may be the Unicode character set. Supported character sets depend on the iconv implementation of your system. Note that the iconv function on some systems may not work as you expect. In such case, it'd be a good idea to install the » GNU libiconv library. It will most likely end up with more consistent results.x
Internationalization Functionsintl-Internationalization extension (further is referred as Intl) is a wrapper for » ICU library, enabling PHP programmers to perform » UCA-conformant collation and date/time/number/currency formatting in their scripts.x
Multibyte Stringmbstring+While there are many languages in which every necessary character can be represented by a one-to-one mapping to an 8-bit value, there are also several languages which require so many characters for written communication that they cannot be contained within the range a mere byte can code (A byte is made up of eight bits. Each bit can contain only two distinct values, one or zero. Because of this, a byte can only represent 256 unique values (two to the power of eight)). Multibyte character encoding schemes were developed to express more than 256 characters in the regular bytewise coding system.x
Pspellpspell-These functions allow you to check the spelling of a word and offer suggestions.x
GNU RecodeThis module contains an interface to the GNU Recode library. The GNU Recode library converts files between various coded character sets and surface encodings. When this cannot be achieved exactly, it may get rid of the offending characters or fall back on approximations. The library recognises or produces nearly 150 different character sets and is able to convert files between almost any pair. Most » RFC 1345 character sets are supported.x
Image Processing and Generation
CairoCairo is a native PHP extension to create and modify graphics using the Cairo Graphics Library.x
Exchangeable image informationexif+With the exif extension you are able to work with image meta data. For example, you may use exif functions to read meta data of pictures taken from digital cameras by working with information stored in the headers of the JPEG and TIFF images.x
Image Processing and GDPHP is not limited to creating just HTML output. It can also be used to create and manipulate image files in a variety of different image formats, including GIF, PNG, JPEG, WBMP, and XPM. Even more convenient, PHP can output image streams directly to a browser. You will need to compile PHP with the GD library of image functions for this to work. GD and PHP may also require other libraries, depending on which image formats you want to work with.x
GmagickGmagick is a php extension to create, modify and obtain meta information of images using the GraphicsMagick API.x
Image Processing (ImageMagick)Imagick is a native php extension to create and modify images using the ImageMagick API.x
Mail Related Extensions
Cyrus IMAP administrationimap-This extension is not available on Windows platforms.x
Predefined ConstantsThe constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.x
Cyrus Functionsx
Mathematical Extensions
BCMath Arbitrary Precision MathematicsFor arbitrary precision mathematics PHP offers the Binary Calculator which supports numbers of any size and precision, represented as strings.x
GNU Multiple Precisiongmp-x
LapackLAPACK is written in Fortran 90 and provides routines for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems. This extension wraps the LAPACKE C bindings to allow access to several processes exposed by the library. Most functions work with arrays of arrays, representing rectangular matrices in row major order - so a two by two matrix [1 2; 3 4] would be array(array(1, 2), array(3, 4))x
Mathematical FunctionsThese math functions will only handle values within the range of the integer and float types on your computer (this corresponds currently to the C types long resp. double). If you need to handle bigger numbers, take a look at the arbitrary precision math functions.x
StatisticsThis is the statistics extension. It contains few dozens of functions useful for statistical computations. It is a wrapper around 2 scientific libraries, namely DCDFLIB (Library of C routines for Cumulative Distributions Functions, Inverses, and Other parameters) by B. Brown & J. Lavato and RANDLIB by Barry Brown, James Lavato & Kathy Russell. Includes CD and PD functions.x
Technical Analysis for TradersThe trader extension is a free open source stock library based on TA-Lib. It's dedicated to trading software developers requiring to perform technical analysis of financial market data. Alongside many indicators like ADX, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, TRIX the candlestick pattern recognition and several vector arithmetic and algebraic functions are present.x
Non-Text MIME Output
Forms Data FormatForms Data Format (FDF) is a format for handling forms within PDF documents. You should read the documentation at » http://www.adobe.com/devnet/acrobat/fdftoolkit.html for more information on what FDF is and how it is used in general.x
GNU Privacy GuardThis module allows you to interact with » gnupg.x
Haru PDFThe PECL/haru extension provides bindings to the libHaru library. libHaru is a free, cross platform, and Open Source library for generating PDF files.x
Ming (flash)First of all: Ming is not an acronym. Ming is an open-source (LGPL) library which allows you to create SWF ("Flash") format movies. Ming supports almost all of Flash 4's features, including: shapes, gradients, bitmaps (pngs and jpegs), morphs ("shape tweens"), text, buttons, actions, sprites ("movie clips"), streaming mp3, and color transforms - -the only thing that's missing is sound events.x
PDFThe PDF functions in PHP can create PDF files using the PDFlib library which was initially created by Thomas Merz and is now maintained by » PDFlib GmbH.x
PostScript document creationThis module allows to create PostScript documents. It has many similarities with the pdf extension. Actually the API is almost identical and one can in many cases just replace the prefix of each function from pdf_ to ps_. This also works for functions which has no meaning in the PostScript document (like adding hyperlinks) but will have an effect if the document is converted to PDF.x
RPM Header ReadingThis module allows you to read the meta information stored in the headers of a » RedHat Package Manager (» RPM) file.x
Shockwave FlashPHP offers the ability to create Shockwave Flash files via Paul Haeberli's libswf module.x
Process Control Extensions
EioThis extension provides asyncronous POSIX I/O by means of » libeio C library written by Marc Lehmann.x
EvThis extension provides inteface to » libev library - a high performance full-featured event loop written in C.x
ExpectThis extension allows to interact with processes through PTY. You may consider using the expect:// wrapper with the filesystem functions which provide a simpler and more intuitive interface.x
LibeventLibevent is a library that provides a mechanism to execute a callback function when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor or after a timeout has been reached.x
Process ControlProcess Control support in PHP implements the Unix style of process creation, program execution, signal handling and process termination. Process Control should not be enabled within a web server environment and unexpected results may happen if any Process Control functions are used within a web server environment.x
POSIXThis module contains an interface to those functions defined in the IEEE 1003.1 (POSIX.1) standards document which are not accessible through other means.x
System program executionThose functions provide means to execute commands on the system itself, and means to secure such commands.x
pthreads>pthreads is an Object Orientated API that allows user-land multi-threading in PHP. It includes all the tools you need to create multi-threaded applications targeted at the Web or the Console. PHP applications can create, read, write, execute and synchronize with Threads, Workers and Stackables.x
Semaphore, Shared Memory and IPCThis module provides wrappers for the System V IPC family of functions. It includes semaphores, shared memory and inter-process messaging (IPC).x
Shared Memoryshmop-Shmop is an easy to use set of functions that allows PHP to read, write, create and delete Unix shared memory segments.x
Other Basic Extensions
Geo IP LocationThe GeoIP extension allows you to find the location of an IP address. City, State, Country, Longitude, Latitude, and other information as all, such as ISP and connection type can be obtained with the help of GeoIP.x
JavaScript Object NotationThis extension implements the » JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data-interchange format. The decoding is handled by a parser based on the JSON_checker by Douglas Crockford.x
Judy ArraysPHP Judy is a PECL extension for the » Judy C library implementing dynamic sparse arrays.x
Lua"Lua is a powerful, fast, light-weight, embeddable scripting language." This extension embeds the lua interpreter and offers an OO-API to lua variables and functions.x
Miscellaneous FunctionsThese functions were placed here because none of the other categories seemed to fit.x
Parsekit>These functions allow runtime analysis of opcodes compiled from PHP scripts.x
Standard PHP Library (SPL)The Standard PHP Library (SPL) is a collection of interfaces and classes that are meant to solve common problems.x
SPL Type HandlingThis extension aims at helping people making PHP a stronger typed language and can be a good alternative to scalar type hinting. It provides different typehandling classes as such as integer, float, bool, enum and stringx
StreamsStreams were introduced with PHP 4.3.0 as a way of generalizing file, network, data compression, and other operations which share a common set of functions and uses. In its simplest definition, a stream is a resource object which exhibits streamable behavior. That is, it can be read from or written to in a linear fashion, and may be able to fseek() to an arbitrary locations within the stream.x
Tidytidy-Tidy is a binding for the Tidy HTML clean and repair utility which allows you to not only clean and otherwise manipulate HTML documents, but also traverse the document tree.x
TokenizerThe tokenizer functions provide an interface to the PHP tokenizer embedded in the Zend Engine. Using these functions you may write your own PHP source analyzing or modification tools without having to deal with the language specification at the lexical level.x
URLsDealing with URL strings: encoding, decoding and parsing.x
V8 Javascript Engine IntegrationThis extension embeds the » V8 Javascript Engine into PHP.x
YafThe Yet Another Framework (Yaf) extension is a PHP framework that is used to develop web applications.x
YAML Data Serialization)This extension implements the » YAML Ain't Markup Language (YAML) data serialization standard. Parsing and emiting are handled by the » LibYAML library.x
TaintTaint is an extension, which is used for detecting XSS codes(tainted string). And also can be used to spot sql injection vulnerabilities, and shell inject, etc.x
Other Services
AMQPAMQP stands for » Advanced Message Queue Protocol, which is an open standard middleware layer for message routing and queuing. This extension is compatible with any Version 0-9-1 compatible AMQP broker, such as » RabbitMQ and » OpenAMQx
Constant hash databaseCHDB (constant hash database) is a fast key-value database for constant data, realized by using a memory-mapped file and thus providing the following functionalities:x
Client URL Librarycurl+PHP supports libcurl, a library created by Daniel Stenberg, that allows you to connect and communicate to many different types of servers with many different types of protocols. libcurl currently supports the http, https, ftp, gopher, telnet, dict, file, and ldap protocols. libcurl also supports HTTPS certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading (this can also be done with PHP's ftp extension), HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, and user+password authentication.x
EventThis is an extension to efficiently schedule I/O, time and signal based events using the best I/O notification mechanism available for specific platform. This is a port of libevent to the PHP infrastructure.x
File Alteration MonitorFAM monitors files and directories, notifying interested applications of changes. More information about FAM is available at » http://oss.sgi.com/projects/fam/.x
FTPThe functions in this extension implement client access to files servers speaking the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as defined in » http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc959. This extension is meant for detailed access to an FTP server providing a wide range of control to the executing script. If you only wish to read from or write to a file on an FTP server, consider using the ftp:// wrapper with the filesystem functions which provide a simpler and more intuitive interfacex
GearmanGearman is a generic application framework for farming out work to multiple machines or processes. It allows applications to complete tasks in parallel, to load balance processing, and to call functions between languages. The framework can be used in a variety of applications, from high-availability web sites to the transport of database replication events.x
Net GopherThe gopher protocol, as defined by » RFC 1436, is generally considered the ancestor of the modern HTTP protocol. However, gopher was also intended to provide references to non-gopher resources including telnet, wais, nntp, and even http. This extension adds gopher support to PHP's URL Wrappers, and provides a helper function gopher_parsedir() to make sense of gopher formatted directory listings.x
GupnpGUPnP is an object-oriented open source framework for creating UPnP devices and control points, written in C using GObject and libsoup. This extension wraps GUPnP and provides similar API. All sources and additional documentation can be obtained from the » official site.x
HTTPThe HTTP extension aims to provide a convenient and powerful set of functionality for major applications.x
HyperwaveHyperwave has been developed at » IICM in Graz. It started with the name Hyper-G and changed to Hyperwave when it was commercialised (in 1996).x
Hyperwave APIHyperwave has been developed at » IICM in Graz. It started with the name Hyper-G and changed to Hyperwave when it was commercialised (in 1996).x
PHP / Java IntegrationThere are two possible ways to bridge PHP and Java: you can either integrate PHP into a Java Servlet environment, which is the more stable and efficient solution, or integrate Java support into PHP. The former is provided by a SAPI module that interfaces with the Servlet server, the latter by this Java extension.x
Lightweight Directory Access ProtocolLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, and is a protocol used to access "Directory Servers". The Directory is a special kind of database that holds information in a tree structure.x
MemcacheMemcache module provides handy procedural and object oriented interface to memcached, highly effective caching daemon, which was especially designed to decrease database load in dynamic web applications.x
Memcachedmemcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.x
mqseriesThis extension aims to provide an interface for communicating with IBMs WebSphere MQ series Queue managers.x
NetworkProvides various networking functions.x
RRDtoolThe PECL/rrd extension provides bindings to the RRDtool C library. RRDtool is the open source industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data.x
Simple Asynchronous MessagingThis extension provides access to the functionality of messaging and queueing systems, such as the IBM WebSphere MQSeries family of products, from PHP scripts. The interface is designed to make it extremely simple to do the more commonly required tasks such as deliver simple text messages to queues while still allowing skilled users to do more complex messaging operations. For many users the complexities of setting up numerous options can be simply ignored.x
SNMPsnmp-The SNMP extension provides a very simple and easily usable toolset for managing remote devices via the Simple Network Management Protocol.x
Socketssockets+The socket extension implements a low-level interface to the socket communication functions based on the popular BSD sockets, providing the possibility to act as a socket server as well as a client.x
Secure Shell2Bindings to the » libssh2 library which provide access to resources (shell, remote exec, tunneling, file transfer) on a remote machine using a secure cryptographic transport.x
Stomp ClientThis extension allows php applications to communicate with any Stomp compliant Message Brokers through easy object oriented and procedural interfaces. » Stomp official sitex
Support Vector MachineLibSVM is an efficient solver for SVM classification and regression problems. The svm extension wraps this in a PHP interface for easy use in PHP scripts.x
SubversionThis extension implements PHP bindings for » Subversion (SVN), a version control system, allowing PHP scripts to communicate with SVN repositories and working copies without direct command line calls to the svn executable.x
TCP WrappersThe TCP wrappers provides a classical Unix mechanism which has been designed to check if the remote client is able to connect from the given IP address.x
VarnishVarnish Cache is an open source, state of the art web application accelerator. The extension makes it possible to interact with a running varnish instance through TCP socket or shared memory.x
YAZThis extension offers a PHP interface to the YAZ toolkit that implements the » Z39.50 Protocol for Information Retrieval. With this extension you can easily implement a Z39.50 origin (client) that searches or scans Z39.50 targets (servers) in parallel.x
YP/NISNIS (formerly called Yellow Pages) allows network management of important administrative files (e.g. the password file). For more information refer to the NIS manpage and » The Linux NIS(YP)/NYS/NIS+ HOWTO. There is also a book called » Managing NFS and NIS by Hal Stern.x
Search Engine Extensions
mnoGoSearchThese functions allow you to access the mnoGoSearch (former UdmSearch) free search engine. mnoGoSearch is a full-featured search engine software for intranet and internet servers, distributed under the GNU license. mnoGoSearch has a number of unique features, which makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications from search within your site to a specialized search system such as cooking recipes or newspaper search, FTP archive search, news articles search, etc. It offers full-text indexing and searching for HTML, PDF, and text documents. mnoGoSearch consists of two parts. The first is an indexing mechanism (indexer). The purpose of the indexer is to walk through HTTP, FTP, NEWS servers or local files, recursively grabbing all the documents and storing meta-data about that documents in an SQL database in a smart and effective manner. After every document is referenced by its corresponding URL, meta-data is collected by the indexer for later use in a search process. The search is performed via Web interface. C, CGI, PHP and Perl search front ends are included.x
Apache SolrThe Solr extension allows you to communicate effectively with the Apache Solr server in PHP 5.x
Sphinx ClientThis extension provides bindings for Sphinx search client library. Sphinx is a standalone search engine meant to provide fast, size-efficient and relevant fulltext search functions to other applications. Sphinx was specially designed to integrate well with SQL databases and scripting languages. Both Sphinx and its client library can be obtained from the » official sitex
Swish IndexingThe swish extension provides the bindings for Swish-e API. Swish-e stands for "Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced" and is an open source system for indexing and search. Swish-e itself is licensed under GPL license, but uses a clause that allows applications to link against the library if every copy of the combined work is accompanied by the URL to Swish-e source code. Here it is: » http://swish-e.org.x
Server Specific Extensions
ApacheThese functions are only available when running PHP as an Apache module.x
IIS AdministrationThis extension is available for Win32 only. It provides functions to administrate Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). The extension includes function to create web sites and virtual directories as well as configuring security and script mappingx
NSAPIThese functions are only available when running PHP as a NSAPI module in Netscape/iPlanet/Sun webservers.x
Session Extensions
Mohawk Software Session Handler Functionsmsession is an interface to a high speed session daemon which can run either locally or remotely. It is designed to provide consistent session management for a PHP web farm. More Information about msession and the session server software itself can be found at » http://www.mohawksoft.org/?q=node/8.x
Session HandlingSession support in PHP consists of a way to preserve certain data across subsequent accesses. This enables you to build more customized applications and increase the appeal of your web site.x
PostgreSQL Session Save Handlerpgsql-This extension is not available on Windows platforms.x
Text Processing
Bulletin Board CodeThis extension aims to help parse BBCode text in order to convert it to HTML or another markup language. It uses one pass parsing and provides great speed improvement over the common approach based on regular expressions. Further more, it helps provide valid HTML by reordering open / close tags and by automatically closing unclosed tags.x
Regular Expressions (Perl-Compatible)The syntax for patterns used in these functions closely resembles Perl. The expression must be enclosed in the delimiters, a forward slash (/), for example. Delimiters can be any non-alphanumeric, non-whitespace ASCII character except the backslash (\) and the null byte. If the delimiter character has to be used in the expression itself, it needs to be escaped by backslash. Since PHP 4.0.4, you can also use Perl-style (), {}, [], and <> matching delimiters. See Pattern Syntax for detailed explanation.x
Regular Expression (POSIX Extended)These regular expression functions are not binary-safe. The PCRE functions are.x
ssdeep Fuzzy Hashingssdeep is a utility for creating and comparing fuzzy hashes or » context-triggered piecewise hashing.x
StringsThese functions all manipulate strings in various ways. Some more specialized sections can be found in the regular expression and URL handling sections.x
Variable and Type Related Extensions
ArraysThese functions allow you to interact with and manipulate arrays in various ways. Arrays are essential for storing, managing, and operating on sets of variables.x
Class/Object InformationThese functions allow you to obtain information about classes and instance objects. You can obtain the name of the class to which an object belongs, as well as its member properties and methods. Using these functions, you can find out not only the class membership of an object, but also its parentage (i.e. what class is the object class extending).x
ClasskitThese functions allow the dynamic manipulation of PHP classes, at runtime.x
Character type checkingThe functions provided by this extension check whether a character or string falls into a certain character class according to the current locale (see also setlocale()).x
Data FilteringThis extension filters data by either validating or sanitizing it. This is especially useful when the data source contains unknown (or foreign) data, like user supplied input. For example, this data may come from an HTML form.x
Function HandlingThese functions all handle various operations involved in working with functions.x
Object Aggregation/Composition [PHP 4]EXPERIMENTALx
ReflectionPHP 5 comes with a complete reflection API that adds the ability to reverse-engineer classes, interfaces, functions, methods and extensions. Additionally, the reflection API offers ways to retrieve doc comments for functions, classes and methods.x
Variable handlingFor information on how variables behave, see the Variables entry in the Language Reference section of the manual.x
Web Services
OAuthThis extension provides OAuth consumer and provider bindings. OAuth is an authorization protocol built on top of HTTP which allows applications to securely access data without having to store usernames and passwords.x
SOAPsoap+The SOAP extension can be used to write SOAP Servers and Clients. It supports subsets of » SOAP 1.1, » SOAP 1.2 and » WSDL 1.1 specifications.x
XML-RPCThese functions can be used to write XML-RPC servers and clients. You can find more information about XML-RPC at » http://www.xmlrpc.com/, and more documentation on this extension and its functions at » http://xmlrpc-epi.sourceforge.net/x
Windows Only Extensions
COM and .Net (Windows)COM is an acronym for Component Object Model; it is an object orientated layer (and associated services) on top of DCE RPC (an open standard) and defines a common calling convention that enables code written in any language to call and interoperate with code written in any other language (provided those languages are COM aware). Not only can the code be written in any language, but it need not even be part of the same executable; the code can be loaded from a DLL, be found in another process running on the same machine, or, with DCOM (Distributed COM), be found in another process on a remote machine, all without your code even needing to know where a component resides.x
PrinterThese functions are only available under Windows 9.x, ME, NT4 and 2000. They have been added in PHP 4.0.4.x
W32apiThis extension is a generic extension API to DLLs. This was originally written to allow access to the Win32 API from PHP, although you can also access other functions exported via other DLLs.x
win32psThe win32ps extension is a Windows specific extension that allows PHP retrieve statistics about process and memory utilization.x
win32serviceThe win32service extension is a Windows specific extension that allows PHP to communicate with the Service Control Manager to start, stop, register and unregister services, and even allows your PHP scripts to run as a service.x
XML Manipulation
Document Object ModelThe DOM extension allows you to operate on XML documents through the DOM API with PHP 5.x
libxmlThese functions/constants are available as of PHP 5.1.0, and the following core extensions rely on this libxml extension: DOM, libxml, SimpleXML, SOAP, WDDX, XSL, XSLT, XML, XMLReader, XMLRPC and XMLWriterx
Service Data ObjectsService Data Objects (SDOs) enable PHP applications to work with data from different sources (like a database query, an XML file, and a spreadsheet) using a single interface.x
>SDO Relational Data Access ServiceEXPERIMENTAL.x
SDO XML Data Access ServiceIn order to use the XML Data Access Service for Service Data Objects, you will need to understand some of the concepts behind SDO: the data graph, the data object, XPath and property expressions, and so on. If you are not familiar with these ideas, you might want to look first at the section on SDO.x
SimpleXMLThe SimpleXML extension provides a very simple and easily usable toolset to convert XML to an object that can be processed with normal property selectors and array iterators.x
WDDXThese functions are intended for work with » WDDX.x
XML ParseXML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a data format for structured document interchange on the Web. It is a standard defined by The World Wide Web consortium (W3C). Information about XML and related technologies can be found at » http://www.w3.org/XML/.x
XMLReaderThe XMLReader extension is an XML Pull parser. The reader acts as a cursor going forward on the document stream and stopping at each node on the way.x
XMLWriterThis is the XMLWriter extension. It wraps the libxml xmlWriter API.x
XSLxsl+The XSL extension implements the XSL standard, performing » XSLT transformations using the » libxslt libraryx
XSLT (PHP 4)This PHP extension provides a processor independent API to XSLT transformations. Currently this extension only supports the Sablotron library from the Ginger Alliance. Support is planned for other libraries, such as the Xalan library or the libxslt library.This PHP extension provides a processor independent API to XSLT transformations. Currently this extension only supports the Sablotron library from the Ginger Alliance. Support is planned for other libraries, such as the Xalan library or the libxslt library.x